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8" Warehouse Column Protector

Protect Your Workspace, Infrastructure, and Employees


  • Size: 24″ diameter; 42″ tall
  • Shape: Column Sentry 8″ square



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Column protectors are guards that are designed to fit on posts, beams, pipes, columns, or any other vertical surface. Column protectors operate as a barrier between the surface and any potential collisions, absorbing the impact.

Column protectors Features:

Column protectors’ bright yellow color serves as a visual reminder of potential occupational hazards to equipment, operators, and employees. Column protectors are made of rustproof recyclable plastic or polyethylene, ensuring years of service without water damage. They can survive the most extreme winter and summer temperatures. These column guards are designed to protect columns of all shapes and sizes, including round and square posts and I-beam construction beams.

They are available in a range of sizes to meet a variety of demands, including premium, standard, and slim models. They are durable enough to survive high-impact accidents and are perfect for long-term use. These column guards are simple to install thanks to Velcro straps or bolt together and a simple design. Some types can be installed into the floor.



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