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Contact our professional design team to discuss your needs, and we will have your project planned and a Pallet Rack quotation for your business within 24 hours.

If necessary, we will draw your warehouse layout using CAD /Layout technology so that you can see how your space will look. We’ll schedule the installation of your Pallet Racks and storage systems once you’ve approved your racking quote and drawing.

We offer a full design and installation service by our experienced installers for larger orders. Once you have approved the layout as well as the racking and shelving quotations, We will schedule installation crew at mutually agreed date.

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Use following form to request a quote. We will respond your request within one business day.

Upright Details:


  • Evaluate Pallet Depth in order to choose Right Depth on Pallet Rack Upright. 3" clearance on both side is desired in order to minimize operator's mistake when pallet sits on beam. Pallet must be bigger in size ( or equal ) than the upright depth so that pallet sits all the time on beam & not on wire deck. For example, Standard 40"w x 48"d pallet size, Most standard upright is 42"D. That way pallet sticks 3" outside on both sides & secured by beams all the time. However in some cases, pallet sticking outside is not desirable then you shoud use 48"D rack Max. In case of More that 48" depth on upright, Pallet gives point load instead of uniformly distributed load which increases the chances of failure.
  • Evaluate warehouse height In order to choose the right height upright very first time. If you choose smaller height upright in begining to save cost, It may cost you much higher in the event when you want to use your warehouse height. It is advisable to choose maximum height you can use on upright on your warehouse, when you select pallet rack upright very first time. You can save cost by using less beam levels if you wants to save the cost in the beginning. Calculate the max height upright you can use in warehouse by substracting pallet height & clearance from warehouse height. APR keeps range of height Pallet rack uprights in stock for quick ship starting from 8ft high to 24" high at every 2 ft increments.
    Custom size upright option available with lead time if you can not locate your desired size in quick ship list.
  • Weakest part of the upright is at first beam level. Capacity of uprights are given at 48" beam spacing starting at the floor. If you put your first beam level at 36", Capacity of upright will be higher & If you space the beam further apart at 60", capacity will be less. You can find Upright capacity chart at different level on Upright buying guide.

Upright Size 1

Upright Size 2

Upright Size 3

Seismic Foot plate is required if you are in Seismic Zone
2 Pcs required per Upright

Beam Details:


  • Choosing correct length of beam depend upon the pallet size need to be used for that particular beam by customer. Usually for standard pallet size 40" x 48" most standard size beams are 96"L or 144"L. 4" to 6" clearance on each pallet is desired when you choose length of beam. See image to better understand.
  • Capacity of beams specified is valid for Uniformly Distributed Beams / Pair.
  • APR standard beams comes with 1-5/8" standard step to support wire deck cross bar or pallet supports unless specified.

Beam size 1

Beam size 2

Beam size 3

Capacity Required or any detailed information?

Decking Details:


Decking Size 1


Decking Size 2


Decking Size 3


Pallet Rack Accessories:

Shipping Detail:

Commonly Found dock height is 48-52 Inches.
This is Required to evaluate if side loading or unloading is possible on Flat Bed?

Contact Information:

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