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(678) 534-0450

(678) 534-0450

Used Keystone Rack 18'H x 42"D x 96"L - Lot 5

  • Used Keystone Uprights Grey – 18’H x 42″D, 3×1-5/8 Post –  13 Pcs
  • Used Keystone Beam Grey 96″L  x  3.5″ – 48 Pcs
  • Used Standard Wire decks 42″D x 46″W – 48 Pcs

Take all, Price Only.


Keystone Pallet Rack is less prevalent than it once was, but there is still a substantial amount of this racking in use today. Keystone racking is also called as Republic racking, as the uprights’ openings resemble a keystone. Republic racking is often comprised of yellow beams and grey columns. Republic rack beam clips have square rather than rounded hooks.

The expert pallet rack sales staff at Atlanta Pallet Rack has years of experience with keystone pallet racking, Keystone pallet racks, and other types of pallet racking. In addition, we keep hundreds of beams, upright frames, and rack components for fast distribution. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns concerning Republic rack, Keystone rack, or any other rack system, please call us at (678) 534-0450 for a complimentary consultation.




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