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Used Keystone Rack 15'H x 48"D x 96"L - Lot 9

Used Keystone Uprights Grey – 15’H x 48″D, 3×3 Post –  22 Pcs

Used Keystone Beam Grey 96″L  x  4″ – 126 Pcs

Used Standard Wire decks 48″D x 46″W – 126 Pcs

Take all, Price Only.


Used Keystone Rack 15’H x 48″D x 96″L

Atlanta Pallet Rack’s expert team can assist you in your search for your used keystone pallet racking for sale or any other type of material handling equipment. We’ll help you in sorting through our enormous inventory to find exactly what you’re looking for. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll do everything we can to help you find it.

Why Should You Opt for a Keystone Racking System?

The overall robustness and endurance of the keystone racking system is one of its primary selling points. Strong upright frames encourage structural integrity, and producers punch keystone slots in specific regions for optimal stress reduction due to total load capacity. Columns have strong corners and a high ratio of strength to weight. In addition to preventing metal from ripping during routine operations, the keystone system decreases the effects of secondary stress.

What Differentiates Keystone Racking from Other Selective Pallet Racks?

Keystone racking is distinguished from other pallet racking systems by the manner in which the beams are connected to the columns. Keystone systems feature columns with symmetric channels, lips, and single-row keystone slots. Beams are inserted into keystone slots and then secured with safety clips to prevent inadvertent movement.


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