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Used Keystone Rack 8'H x 42"D x 108"L

  • Used Keystone Uprights Blue – 8’H x 42″D, 3×3 Post – (29 Pcs)
  • Used Keystone Hollow Beam  108″L  x  3.5″ – 120 Pcs
  • New Wire decks 42″D x 52″W -120 Pcs


Take all – Price Only.


Quality is essential in keystone racking because this type of racking, also known as Republic racking, is designed to handle some of the heaviest loads in any warehouse. The keystone-like holes cut into the uprights make it easy to identify.


A safety clip secures the beams and uprights together. Each column has a solid corner, and holes resembling keystones are placed in the system’s weakest points to promote maximum strength. Heavy-duty steel footplates are used, and braces are welded to the frame in the shape of a Z to provide even more load resistance.


Used Keystone is an excellent choice for sturdy pallet racking. The Z-design in the uprights provides lateral support to the overall structure, preventing racking from shifting forward or backward under heavier loads.


Keystone pallet racking may be the solution if you need to store heavy loads reliably and safely. At Atlanta Pallet Rack, the largest manufacturer of pallet racks and material handling equipment in the United States, we can supply any quantity you require.