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(678) 534-0450

(678) 534-0450

Used T-Bolt Rack 99"H x 42"D x 108"L - Lot 18

Used T-bolt racks are currenly amongst the most popular bolts for pallet racking in the market. T-bolt beams are attached to the upright columns with large bolts and must be tightened properly to provide rated capacities. A tab on each beam end connector holds the beam in place while the T bolt is installed. The T-bolt is inserted through the front of the beam turned by 90°. This locks the bolt in place and the nut is then tightened over the bolt stem.


Used T-Bolt Uprights Blue – 99″H x 42″D, 3×1-5/8 Post –  29 Pcs

Used T-Bolt Beam Yellow 108″L  x  2.5″ – 150 Pcs

Used Lay in Wire decks 38″D x 52″W -150 Pcs

Take all Price Only.


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