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Used Teardrop Pallet Racks

Teardrop pallet rack is the most popular equipment of pallet rack system on the market today. It is a universal style pallet rack that provides direct access to every pallet stored. The roll-formed design, with a "teardrop" shaped punch, is interchangeable with most manufacturers. The beams are usually orange, and the frames are green. The frames are welded together, instead of bolted, for added stability. Beams are adjustable in 2" increments. Holes are drilled on the face of the column, not the corners, maximizing strength. Used Interlake teardrop pallet rack is easy to assemble, no clips or fasteners, and adjust without tools.

Benefits of Teardrop Pallet Rack System

Uniformity is a significant advantage with teardrop racks. Today, the industrial racking industry has come together to ensure most brands using teardrop designs are compatible. 

The main benefit of using teardrop pallet racks is compatibility. This alone has led to teardrop connection profiles being universally accepted by the warehouse industry. There is no sign of this trend changing or being replaced by another upcoming improvement.

Teardrop racking systems have significant benefits for end-users. This design is a proven performer, and that’s clearly established by the number of teardrop racks in operation today. Here are some of the main benefits gained by using teardrop pallet racks:

  • VersatilityBeing interchangeable with different manufacturer brand names allows the user to source components from different makers and suppliers. That could be new, used or reconditioned racking components.
  • StrengthTeardrop designs let beam pins lock into place by friction and gravity. The more weight placed on a teardrop vertical support, the more it compresses and strengthens.
  • Installation ease: Teardrop verticals and beams are easy to install. They don’t require a high skill level, special tools or expensive fasteners.
  • CustomizationIt’s simple to mix and match suitable components. Parts from one rack manufacturer used with another supplier’s product allow warehouses to customize their racking systems to suit their needs.
  • SafetyProperly matched and assembled, teardrop pallet racks are entirely safe. The safety catches add extra protection to ensure a teardrop connection isn’t accidentally released.

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