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Picking and Racking Tips From The Ecommerce Experts

Warehouse racking is one of the most crucial components of an infrastructure that enables smooth operation and optimum organization of your warehouse. Pallet racks allow warehouses to utilize their space usage and effectively track their goods while providing quick access for streamlined picking.

However, you must understand that having the right kind of pallet rack is just one piece of a broader puzzle. The overall performance of your warehouse often relies on a variety of other considerations, such as facility layout, aisle width, product requirement, and efficient training, to ensure safe and productive use of the pallet racking system in place and many more.

We have put together this detailed warehouse racking guide where we have included multiple insights and techniques for warehouse operators to optimize the usage of space and infrastructure.

Following these tips will help you to generate more revenue and profits. More importantly, these tips help you to boost the performance of your warehouse management endeavor.

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ecommerce warehouse

Importance of Warehouse Racking

There’s no doubt that your warehouse racking strategies can either hinder or speed up your overall warehouse operations. Warehouse managers can maximize their already existing spaces with proper racking techniques.

This, in turn, improves the warehouse organization, both in terms of productivity and expenses. A streamlined picking process is then brought into the equation to ensure the optimal usage of time and labor.

There are certain factors that play a major role in warehouse racking, such as the warehouse architecture itself. Your racking options are influenced by the following factors:

  • Your warehouse’s aisle width
  • Loading positions
  • Loading areas, etc

It is always recommended that you consider these factors beforehand in order to get the best performance out of your warehouse management team.

Your project budget

This one is probably the most important aspect that you should never ignore. Before you go ahead and opt for a new warehouse solution, consider the estimated expense of your current racking system, as well as the cost of its solution planning and installation.

You should not always opt for the cheapest, especially when your revenue depends on efficiency. You also need to be sure that the pallet racking system you chose suits your requirements and meets the target you have set for your order fulfillment center. So, don’t cut corners when you don’t have to.

Instead of merely going for the cheapest standard pallet rack, our suggestion is to choose the best product in the market. Be willing to invest a bit more in systems such as "push back" racking or "pallet flow", if you need a more advanced storage solution. Your initial investments will add more profits to your account books in the near future.

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Opt for a Centralized System

The order loop in a warehouse begins when a picking order arrives. However, the full period involves many phases before that, such as payment authentication and data collection. The process also involves the following phases, such as the distribution of the product to the transport agency.

It is crucial that picking activities are organized in the supply chain in such a manner that it coordinates with the other parties involved in the order fulfillment process. You might want to invest in a software system to keep track of all phases of your operation.


Always remember to arrange the racks inside your warehouse with the most common products in mind.

  • Make sure that you keep the most popular things closest to you.
  • More precisely, ensure keeping these items closest to the entrance of the picking area. This will enable your workers to pick the items quickly.
  • In many scenarios, it is seen that half of the orders in a warehouse comes from 10 percent of the total number of goods present in your collection.
  • Ensure arranging the items according to their reputation and keep the least popular items at the back. This would significantly enhance the pace of your team’s order selection process.

Choose the right picking approach to improve warehouse throughput

Throughput is the inventory indicator that is collected and delivered by order fulfillment through the outbound dock doors from the inbound dock doors. If you didn’t notice already, picking also influences your warehouse throughput statistics directly. Choosing and sticking to the right picking approach will thus improve your distribution center's throughput.

Figure Out Storage Efficiency

Performance in storage refers to the amount of space available for a single pallet to be stored. Warehouses are estimated in square feet. However, considering the total cubic height of the structure, the amount of space a single pallet occupies is substantially less.

How do you determine how much the quantity of square footage is consumed by one of your pallets? The following formula would help: Multiply the length of the storage unit in inches with its width. Then divide the amount by 144. This will give you the square feet of the storage unit. This way, you can implement better storage strategies to improve warehouse efficiency.

Focus on the picking process and its purpose

Sometimes, the picking process can be the most time-consuming process of your warehouse operation. However, there is always room for improvement. And if you don’t improve your process early, the task would end up becoming a bottleneck.

Remember that the more items your workers can pick, the more orders they can deliver. And this directly impacts your revenue. With more products being delivered in a day, the number of invoices you can raise will increase, leading to more profits. So make sure that you focus on the right purpose of your warehouse racking and picking process.

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Our Thoughts

If you run an enterprise that aims to provide customers with the same/next-day arrival, maximizing your order fulfillment activities is a must. E-commerce stores and retailers can generate quicker delivery spans by revving up their order cycle times. Having the right pallet racks and systems in place will help you meet the quick delivery demands of your customers.

Even, for businesses looking to succeed in the face of ever-changing customer demands and the changing market world, a successful order fulfillment mechanism is a must-have. Remember, the world is now not the same as it was before facing the unparalleled obstacles caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. E-Commerce is flourishing and competition is soaring.

If you want to defend your market share, you should take sound decisions fast. Although there is also a need for substantial expenditure in time and money to install state-of-the-art warehouse picking and racking solutions, there are significant benefits that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Follow us for more interesting facts on warehousing solutions.

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​How Cantilever pallet racking can work wonders for your business warehouse, know the benefits.

The cantilever racks are widely used in industries like construction, lumber, aircraft, chemical sensor applications, and warehouse storage. And, as far as the Construction industry is concerned, Cantilever pallet racking isn’t a new term as it has been around the architectural and construction projects for quite some time now because they are very easy and quick to install. But if it has to be defined in a sentence, it would be ok to say that.

Cantilever Pallet Racking is a systematic storage approach to store materials and products that are bulky, heavy, tall, and even odd-sized or awkward shaped materials as well in an organized way.

If you have made up your mind on creating a hassle-free environment to handle and contain your products or materials safely and securely, and if you wish to prioritize on the same, then pallet racking is the best method to follow, the points are self-explanatory and worthwhile.

Below mentioned are the numerous ways that you can benefit from the same.

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What are the advantages of a Cantilever Pallet Racking System?

  • The weight capacity of it is beyond words, meaning it is designed in such a way to take any amount of weight.
  • The Pallet racking system can be arranged in such a way that it can hold up to any length (e.g. 60 feet and counting).
  • The system again offers linear storage, i.e. to say, there wouldn’t be a need for breaks in the storage level from uprights.
  • The entire pallet racking system can be used in such a way that we may benefit from both single and double-sided storage.
  • The system can also be customized as per the product or material that needs to be stored.
  • It is very fast and can be easily taken care of by the logistics team, without wasting much effort on it.
  • It wouldn’t be difficult to handle a product or material that is tall, long, and flat.
  • Loading and unloading can be done from the front of the rack itself with the assistance of forklifts or pallet jacks.
  • This system is designed in such a way that it helps in availing the maximum floor space without any wastage of the warehouse area that you use.
  • They are very cost-effective as it needs only a very simple form of construction.
  • It adds on the top-notch to the better management of your warehouse.
  • Extensions to the pallet racking system can be added as and when needed.
  • The pallet racking system is very economical, safe, and durable.
  • Seismic needs are easily met.

Types of Products that can benefit from this type of racking system:

The below-mentioned materials and products can highly benefit from this type of racking system.

  • Furniture
  • Lumber
  • Doors
  • Tubing
  • Building materials
  • Sheet steel
  • Piping
  • Drywall
  • Aluminum Sheets
  • Masonite Sheets
  • Wood crates
  • Timber Boards

The types of Cantilever racks that we may choose from:

  • Roll-formed lower cost easily manageable cantilever system that works for light to medium duty applications.
  • Structural and high capacity cantilever systems (that work well for heavy-duty products or materials).

All that takes to have a cantilever pallet racking in place:

  • Bases- that acts as a main stabilizing component.
  • Upright Columns- that helps in deciding upon the single and double-sided units.
  • Arms- that helps in storing the product.
  • Braces- to provide support for upright columns both horizontally and diagonally.
  • Decking- option available as an added advantage.

So if you are planning on using up all the storage of the warehouse both vertically and horizontally, and in an organized way then it would be best to choose the cantilever pallet racking system as it is a great space saver.

Since this plan work has been working without any fail for a very long time now, and as it happens to work within your allotted budget for storing as well.

We would like to advise you to wait no more.

Go ahead and choose wisely.

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It's time to accept new technologies in warehousing

Technological advancements are generating impactful enhancements in all sectors. Warehouse management is no different in this aspect. In fact, the future possibilities in the warehouse solution are increasingly exciting and highly desirable. In this article, we will show what’s in store for the warehouse industry in the coming next decade? So sit back and read on.

IoT Inspired Smart Warehouses

The Internet of Things is already generating its ripples in every sphere of our planet. When it comes to warehouses, the adoption of IoT has helped businesses to meet the ever-growing need of the customers efficiently. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that IoT has taken warehouse and inventory management to its next level.

From streamlining the warehouse functions to cheaper, controlled and, faster supply chain management, predictive maintenance to real-time product location data, IoT can boost warehouse operations in multiple ways. The best part is this disruptive technology will become even more affordable and readily available in the years come. This would encourage warehouses around the globe to adopt IoT-based connectivity.

Various warehouse and e-Commerce giants have already implemented IoT technologies for improved inventory and warehouse management. Ocado, Amazon, and Alibaba are a few to name who have heavily invested in smart and automated warehouses. IoT is the best thing to have happened to the Warehouse industry. Care to agree?

Automation of Warehouses through artificial intelligence

By 2030, most operations in supply chain industries are expected to be automated. The warehouse industry involved a massive number of repetitive tasks. Artificial intelligence can automate these tasks and enhance productivity and engage workers towards more important tasks. AI is extremely useful for data processing and mining. The data collected from the warehouses will enable ease in adapting to the dynamically changing technological advancement hence proving to be a great scope for better and improved strategies. This simply means that AI will enhance forecasting and help in better decision-making.

AI is penetrating this industry as chatbots for customer support, robots for picking, storage, etc. and predicting patterns to stay prepared in tricky times. Zappos, Ocado, Coca Cola’s EMEA are some famous examples of successful implementation of automation in warehouses.

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A Few Emerging trends in the Warehouse Industry

On-demand Warehousing

The on-demand platform is finding its place in warehousing as well. Just as you would want to order food or a taxi using an app that gets your needs fulfilled right at your doorstep, warehousing can also be done on-demand. Using an app warehouse owners can now lease the space and capacity that clients in need can rent for a given period. This innovative idea can help businesses save a lot of money in creating their own warehouse hubs. On-demand warehousing can convert unused space or buildings into warehouses for numerous businesses.

Proactive maintenance

Smart warehouses can transform traditional warehouse maintenance. Using various technologies such as AI, IoT, and RFID tags, your warehouse can now warn you at the early signs of equipment malfunctions. Not only this, warehouse managers will be made aware of any objects or equipment that need upgrading or maintenance. This predictive maintenance can save time and money that passive maintenance would have cost.

The ‘Cobots’ at Amazon: A closer look into warehouse robotics

Cobots or collaborative robots play a vital part in Amazon’s order fulfillment. As of June 2019, Amazon had more than 200,000 robots working in their warehouses. These robots work along with humans to create a semi-automated warehouse. It conducts tasks such as moving inventory items to the pick worker who takes items and packs them. This makes the life of the employee easier so he/she can manage each customer’s order easily and precisely. Above all Cobots save a considerable amount of time and money for this e-Commerce giant.

Warehouse Drones

An efficient way of reaching the highest shelves, which otherwise is time taking and can be risky due to workplace injuries. Drones can easily fly and hover through manual control or GPS, reach the highest rack, and scan bar codes. Drones certainly hold a pivotal role in future inventory management.

Adopting the latest technological advancements into any industry takes its own pace of time. Though there are various challenges to be met, with smart warehouses, operations are sure to be faster and flexible. And undoubtedly, the future of warehouses is certainly bright.

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Expert Tips for Buying Pallet Racking System

Warehouses around the world use pallet racking systems for better and efficient storage and accessibility of the products. Though there are other warehouse racking systems, pallet racks are one of the most common ones for many reasons. If you are a warehouse owner, then investing in a good quality pallet racking system will aid in a smooth warehouse operation. In this article, we will help you with some tips to bear in mind before buying pallet racks.

pallet racking system

Tips for buying pallet racking system in warehouse

  • Purpose of the racking system

Pallet racking system has multiple functions. To find the right racking system, it is important to define its purpose. It will require you to consider the following factors:

  1. Type of products or goods stored
  2. Frequency of delivery
  3. Density and weight of the products or goods.
  4. Shelf life
  5. Frequent or occasional accessibility

Based on these factors, you can decide the purpose of your warehouse racking system and select the right one.

  • Maximum weight of the load

As said in the point above, the capacity of your rack becomes a major factor to decide the right racking system. Manufactures will have a varied range of pallet racks according to their capacity. Look for a pallet racking system that has higher weight capacity than your load.

  • Warehouse space

Before buying the pallet racks, look at your warehouse map. Analyze the overall space. Check for the windows, doors and other access points. This will be important in deciding the best rack type that ensures smoother operations. Height of your warehouse will also be taken into consideration. Buy the best pallet racking system that makes use of the vertical as well as horizontal space of your warehouse.

  • Scalability of the racking system

Your pallet racks must be adapted to the growing needs of your business. While buying pallet racks, it is important that you not only consider the present needs but the future needs as well. Having this flexibility in your pallet racking system will allow you to scale your business without any worries.

  • Your allocated budget

The amount you can spend on your warehouse storage solutions also becomes a key point to think about before buying a pallet racking system. Going for a low-cost racking system can lead you to sacrifice its quality. If you can get top quality pallet racks for a few extra bucks, then it's always better to choose the latter option. A warehouse specialist can certainly make the right decision in this regard.

  • Safety and durability

Always go for a pallet racking system that complies by the highest safety standards. Because no one wants warehouse mishaps by collapsing the racks to cause damage to the products or risk to the employees safety. Considering the warehouse environment condition is also important. If you run a cold warehouse, then considering a pallet racking system that can withstand extreme conditions would be the best choice. So choosing a durable and high-strength pallet racking system that complies all the safety standards would certainly help you in the long run.

  • Maintenance and support for the racks

This is a part that shouldn’t be ignored. Maintenance of your pallet racks will reduce its ongoing cost. Go for the buyers who provide necessary maintenance and support or at least provide easy access to spare parts.

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Looking for expert assistance for the right pallet racking system?

Finding the perfect pallet racks that fits your storage needs can be challenging. Taking the advice of an expert warehouse specialist will help you in taking the right decision. Running this realm for a long time, we understand our users' needs and create custom-solutions to give them a seamless and efficient warehouse operation. Feel free to contact our specialist and find the most adequate solution for your warehouse.

Well, we Atlanta Pallet Rack are one of the biggest manufacturer, distributor and supplier of warehouse and storage products-equipment in the East Cost. Please feel free to contact us at any time for any of your needs in pallet racking or other similar product or services.

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Applications and Advantages of Cantilever Racks

October 18, 2019

See Why Used Pallet Racks Might Be The Right Choice For Your Warehouse

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