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Used Pallet Rack

Pallet racks are the most important part of your business operations because it improves the efficiency of warehouse operations by optimizing better use of available space inside your storage facility by using vertical warehouse space. Warehouse pallet racking helps warehouse managers make more effective use of vertical space because they can store materials on high shelves without risk. It also makes warehouses neater, which improves efficiency and helps to prevent misplaced goods. Consistent use of racks for storage increases pick and put away time and improves the flexibility of existing space.


Well, Used pallet racks are always in demand and that’s why the available quantity varies quite freqently. We, Atlanta Pallet Rack (APR) repair any damaged equipment and make it structurally sound and in working condition before put it on shelf for resale. Used pallet racks are always high in demand so inventory varies frequently. You can check current available used Pallet Racks inventory near your location by clicking on the following link.

Top Benefits of Used Pallet Racks

When it comes to selecting the right pallet racking system for your warehouse, you can choose from either new or used pallet racks. While a new system has its own benefits, used pallet racking system offers a lower cost in the longer run, helps you manage your inventory better and drastically reduces your handling costs.


Low Cost: Used pallet racking is considerably cheaper than a new system altogether. 


Value for Money: Used pallet racking also has an active market of buyers and the subsequent sale is fairly easy.


More Profits: The used pallet racks require little to no maintenance and have a long useful and economic life. 


Best Industrial Standards: All our racks are made with high quality materials and in accordance with regular industry and manufacturing standards. This ensures reliability and durability in the longer run, as the base material is unlikely to deteriorate over time.

APR - The One Stop Solution To Buy & Sell Used Pallet Rack

Moreover, we  have 500K Square Feet facility with New & Used pallet racks of different sizes to meet any requirements, either in sizes or quantity. However, it’s pretty hard to maintain all our inventory online so please go to GET A QUICK QUOTE tool below  for having Quote for Used Pallet Rack System. We buy and sell USED PALLET RACKS in bulk, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any quantity of used pallet racks available for sale, we buy any quantity and all sizes.


Even we can buy any style used beams in TRUCKLOAD QUANTITY from any location, anywhere in the USA. APR have full service fabrication shop to play with size or style of beans to refurbish. PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM TO Liquidate Your Pallet Racks.

Teardrop Racks 1

Used Teardrop Pallet Racks

Teardrop pallet rack is the most popular equipment of pallet rack system on the market today. It is a universal style pallet rack that provides direct access to every pallet stored. The roll-formed design, with a “teardrop” shaped punch, is interchangeable with most manufacturers. The beams are usually orange, and the frames are green. The frames are welded together, instead of bolted, for added stability. Beams are adjustable in 2″ increments. Holes are drilled on the face of the column, not the corners, maximizing strength. Used Interlake teardrop pallet rack is easy to assemble, no clips or fasteners, and adjust without tools.

Used Penco Pallet Racks

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Used Keystone Pallet Racks 1

Used Keystone Pallet Racks

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