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Pallet Rack Accessories


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Heavy Duty Post Protectors

Heavy Duty Post Protectors

Post Protector is the most important part of any racking system. Protect the corners of busy aisle ends, post protector can be easily struck by a forklift or other vehicle. Repairing damaged racking is expensive & time-consuming so post protector is best for protect Rack. Our Post Protectors are available in three standard sizes to accommodate a range of racking systems. Custom size is also available.

  • Protects pallet rack uprights against costly impacts.
  • Available in heights sizes 12”, 18″, 24″ & custom size is available.
  • Powder Coated Safety Yellow colour


Pallet Support

pallet support
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Hardware for Pallet Rack & Cantilever Rack

Row Spacers

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End of Aisle Rack Protectors

End of Aisle Rack Protectors are an effective solution for increasing warehouse safety. They protect the ends of aisles to prevent damage to expensive pallet racking and inventory. Our new design can be used as Right or Left end of isle rack protector. Double-ended rack protector is also available.


Carton Flow Rail

  • Carton flow Racks separate picking and stocking tasks into different aisles.
  • Organize fast and slow movers for maximum efficiency.
  • This storage system is ideal for a wide range of sectors from warehouses storing mass consumer goods to pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, computer components and more.
  • Inclined wheel and roller platforms mean goods are put at one end, sliding safely via gravity to the picking side.
  • Carton Flow Racking Systems set the industry standard for quality construction, performance, valuable versatility, and efficiency.
  • Items are easily and always in reach of pickers and do not require multiple pick facing. Inventory is easy to count, as products are fully visible.
  • With carton flow rack systems, labor savings of up to 70% can be realized as stocking speed is often doubled or tripled.


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Bolt On Seismic Foot Plate

6″ x 8″ Bolt On Seismic Foot Plate


These cool dividers are made of 3/8” wire or 1” tubing and formed in the shape of an “M” or “V” to allow for the product to be stored vertically while maximizing storage space and creating easy access for each picks.
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Bolt on Post Protectors

Bolt-On Post Protectors

Bolt-On Post Protectors for 3″X3″ Post & 3″x1-5/8″ Post Uprights
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Fall Protection Accessories

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