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Pallet Rack Buying Guide

Types of Pallet Racks

A Glimpse at Some Common Types of Pallet Racking Systems

  1. Selective Racking System
  2. Cantilever Racking System
  3. Push-Back Pallet Racking System
  4. Pallet Flow Racking System

1. Selective Pallet Rack

Selective Rack is the most commonly used storage for palletized product. The three basic components of selective Pallet Rack are:

•    Upright Frames
•    Load Beams
•    Decking

Combining vertical frames with horizontal load beams, selective pallet rack provides total accessibility to the product. Selective racking is most popular & commonly used racking system in use today. It provides easy access to the warehouses that have a wide variety of product types. Pallet Rack may be configured to store product at considerable heights. It is economical and durable, easy to install and levels are easily adjustable, for a temporary or permanent setting. Selective Pallet Rack offers the best solutions for warehouses with palletized products and a wide variety of goods.

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Selective Pallet racks have following advantages

• Instant access to every load provides efficient use of floor space and minimizes load / unload time.

• Automatic beam-to-frame locking reduces installation or Relocation time.

• Increases load flexibility in terms of both weight and volume.

• Handling one pallet requires no need to move others. No need to worry about FIFO or LIFO on pallet loads.

• Availability of a wide variety of sizes, capacities and accessories custom fit to any application.

Selection of Beam

Beam Length: shelf length equals the distance between uprights.
It is determined by adding the widths of pallet loads plus a 5″ side clearance between upright and pallet and 6″ between pallet loads.
Shelf beam capacities are based on a pair of beams supporting an evenly distributed load.

Upright Height



N    = Number of pallets

PH  = Height of pallet loads (including pallet)

BH  = Height of shelf beam

For uppermost load level, location of shelf beam should be 6″ less than fork truck’s maximum lift height. Top of beams need to be at 2″ increments.


Pallet Racks Buying Guide
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