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Industrial Dock Plates

Dock plates are rectangular in shape, include a locking leg, and either hand holes or handles for manual movement. They are intended to handle lighter loads and are excellent for use with a pallet jack or a hand truck.


Lightweight, hand portable dock ramps for use with hand carts and non-motorized pallet jacks are required by both small and big warehouses. Industrial Dock Plates from APR supply employ the same high quality ANSI rated aluminum as the AC and BC model aluminum forklift ramps, which is carried over from our top of the line dock boards and ramps. As a result, they are the highest quality Dock Plates on the market.

Weight N/A

24"L X 48"W, 5200 lb Cap. Aluminum Dock Plate, 24"L X 60"W, 5700 lb Cap. Aluminum Dock Plate, 30"L X 48"W, 4100 lb Cap. Aluminum Dock Plate, 36"L X 36"W, 2500 lb Cap. Aluminum Dock Plate, 48"L X 60"W, Aluminum Dock Board, 36"L X 48"W, 3550 lb Cap. Aluminum Dock Plate, 48"L X 48"W, Aluminum Dock Board, 72"L X 60"W, Aluminum Dock Board




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