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New Keystone Style Pallet Racks

Although Keystone Pallet Racks are not as popular as it once was, it is still widely utilized. Republic racking is another name for Keystone racking. The uprights’ openings resemble a keystone.  Beam clamps on keystone racks have square – not circular – tops.



Engineered and built to rigorous design and quality criteria, Keystone Rack beams and upright frames ensure consistent and easy installation. To avoid inadvertent beam elevation, a locking safety clip secures the beam and upright together. Pallets, drums, and other bulk products can be stored cheaply using these racks and accessories, which can be used for a variety of storage applications.


Some top features of Keystone pallet racks system are explained here:

  • Keystone style pallet racks are second most popular selective pallet rack storage system & it is easiest to install or tear down compare to all other system in market.
  • Keystone slot punched at every 3″ center & its bigger size oblong slot make it installation or tear down much easier compare to most popular teardrop rack system.
  • Locking safety pin locks beams & upright to prevent accidental uplift of beam
  • Keystone / republic storage system is designed for optimum strength to weight ratio. Keystone slot punched at area of least stress & therefore it gives maximum strength. Tearing resist capability is more on keystone racks compare to teardrop.
New keystone uprights

New Republic / Keystone Uprights

APR manufactures & stock keystone / republic uprights in both 3″ x 3″ column or 3″ x 1-5/8″ column.

APR have most running sizes on floor for quick ship & we can give the material with lead time for larger quantity orders.

New Republic / Keystone Beams

Keystone / Republic beams are fastest to install than most other brands of selective racks.


Apr Manufactures & stocks most popular sizes of keystone style beams. Apr have capabilities to manufacture and can provide any length of beams with lead time.

New keystone beams
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