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How to Buy Used Pallet Rack

 Check if the pallet racks been previously damaged or any integrity issues.

  •  As you are buying the used racks you need to inspect them to make sure that the racks are structurally sound and can be used further.

 Check the current ratings and specifications of the pallet rack

  •  Get the information of rack manufacturer as they will able to help you with specifications.

 Check the capacities of the pallet rack.

  •  As a user find out how much weight you will be keeping on the rack and with that information consult with APR team and they will provide further details.

Work with the reputable Vendor/Company.

  • It’s always better to do a little bit homework and make sure you select the right company to buy the used racks. Check the reviews of the company and dig in their website and try to get the information from someone who have worked with them. 
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