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New Furniture Cantilever Racks

Cantilever Furniture Racks are an ideal choice for furniture storage because of its versatile design. Long length items, such as sofas, can be removed with no frontal obstructions to maneuver around making it so odd-sized and bulky items fit easily into Cantilever Rack. It also increases your storage capacity and efficiency by providing uninterrupted shelving lengths, greater racking capacities, and fire-code-friendly decking materials.

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  • APR Furniture Cantilever Rack is Perfect for furniture storage OR inconsistent length items.
  • With APR furniture cantilever, customer can generate infinite length storage shelves without front obstructions.
  • Solid decking covers the entire length of the Rack Row & because of that customer can utilize maximum storage area without losing idle space.
  • APR STRUCTURAL cantilever furniture rack CAN BE EASILY modified out of conventional cantilever rack & its male- female interlock Grating make installation easier for anyone.
  • Interlock grating sits & lock one on to others making the entire structure heavy duty to withstand point load application as well.
  • Customer can store loads of varying lengths without wasting single inch of self-space as the shelf size is continuous without any obstructions.
  • Each interlock grating is 21ft long x 6” w makes shipping & installation very easy.
  • APR Cantilever Rack can easily be converted from single-sided cantilever to double-sided as your furniture storage needs change.
  • Also, it can be easily changed from conventional cantilever racks to furniture cantilever rack or vice versa so customer can enjoy both flexibility.
  • Because of inter- changeability, Resale value of APR furniture cantilever rack is higher than other competitor products.

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