(678) 534-0450

(678) 534-0450

(678) 534-0450

Used Penco Rack 12'H x 36"D x 108"L - Lot 6

  • Used Penco Uprights Grey – 12’H x 36″D, 3×1-5/8 Post –  5 Pcs
  • Used Penco Beam Grey 108″L  x  4″ – 32 Pcs
  • Used Wire decks 36″D x 52″W – 32 Pcs

Take all, Price Only.

  • Quick and easy install
  • Durable steel design
  • Effective multi-level picking system
  • Provides many years of dependable and efficient storage
  • Has a smooth and safe surface for storing a wide variety of materials
  • Carefully engineered
  • Slotted design

Used Penco Pallet Racks store pallets effectively. The Penco Pallet Rack blends design, quality, and high-strength steel for an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. Penco Pallet Racks are built to last. The slotted design is easy to modify and install on 3″ centers, and the Safety Lock Tab prevents dislodging.


New and used pallet racks are available and ready to ship. Call (678) 534-0450 or request a quotation online. Atlanta Pallet Rack quotes new equipment if used is unavailable. It’s nationwide. Price and availability are subject to change. Products are limited.





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